Pace London: Everything falls faster than an anvil, an exhibition curated by CHEWDAYS, explores the role and influence of the cartoon on contemporary art, featuring works by Yoshitomo Nara, Claes Oldenburg, Paul Thek, and many other artists. The exhibition is on view at 6-10 Lexington Street through June 18, 2014.


This huge wooden sculpture is an impressive display of the famous Chinese wood carver Zheng Chunhui's incredible hand-carving skills. Standing more than 40 feet long, almost 8 feet wide, and, at one point, 10 feet tall, the massive work of art was formed out of just one single log and was recently declared the world's longest wood sculpture by the Guinness Book of World Records. via Mymodernmet



view webgl version here ;)


Lonac: p_3 exhibition in Kranjčar Gallery

 Installation “Big Catch”

With the skateboard, as one of the symbols of today’s street culture, I try to use different ways of shaping the motive of a fish which I use for some time now on street walls.

On the streets I connect the abstract background with photorealistic elements and the equivalent to street walls I also find in used skateboards.

From each separate old, used skateboard I create a fish bone and contrasting to this process I transform broken boards into fish scales which I then connect to a recycled wooden board in the shape of a fish head on which I paint the human eye.

This big fish, as an anthropomorphic installation, illustrates the idea that each person is a mosaic of other people and other influences which are, through circumstance united into one integral whole. The skateboard works are a sort of hommage to the skateboard culture and street culture in general.